OIC Countries List – Muslim Country Names in Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The online OIC Countries List is now accessible, providing the names of all Muslim nations that are part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Established in 1969, OIC is an international organization comprising 57 member states, making it the second-largest intergovernmental organization globally, following the United Nations. Its formation aimed to give a collective voice to Muslim countries worldwide, addressing political, economic, and social issues.

The primary objective of OIC is to promote and safeguard the interests and well-being of the Muslim world. It strives to enhance cooperation and solidarity among member states in various areas, including political affairs, economic cooperation, social development, cultural exchange, and scientific collaboration. OIC is dedicated to protecting the rights of Muslims and supporting their global causes.

OIC Countries List 2024

Sr. No. Country Name Member Since National Day
1 Arab Republic of EGYPT 1969 23-Jul
3 BURKINA-FASO (then Upper Volta) 1974 11-Dec
4 Federal Republic of NIGERIA 1986 01-Oct
5 Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN 1969 25-May
6 Islamic Republic of AFGHANISTAN 1969 19-Aug
7 Islamic Republic of IRAN 1969 11-Feb
8 Islamic Republic of MAURITANIA 1969 28-Nov
9 Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN 1969 23-Mar
10 Kingdom of BAHRAIN 1972 16-Dec
11 Kingdom of MOROCCO 1969 30-Jul
12 Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA 1969 23-Sep
13 KYRGYZ Republic 1992 31-Aug
14 Libya 1969 24-Dec
15 MALAYSIA 1969 31-Aug
16 People’s Democratic Republic of ALGERIA 1969 01-Nov
17 People’s Republic of BANGLADESH 1974 26-Mar
18 Republic of ALBANIA 1992 28-Nov
19 Republic of AZERBAIJAN 1992 28-May
20 Republic of BENIN 1983 01-Aug
21 Republic of CAMEROON 1974 20-May
22 Republic of CHAD 1969 11-Aug
23 Republic of COTE D’IVOIRE 2001 07-Aug
24 Republic of DJIBOUTI 1978 27-Jun
25 Republic of GABON 1974 17-Aug
26 Republic of GUINEA 1969 02-Oct
27 Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU 1974 24-Sep
28 Republic of GUYANA 1998 23-Feb
29 Republic of INDONESIA 1969 17-Aug
30 Republic of IRAQ 1975 –/–
31 Republic of KAZAKHSTAN 1995 16-Dec
32 Republic of LEBANON 1969 22-Nov
33 Republic of MALDIVES 1976 26-Jul
34 Republic of MALI 1969 22-Sep
35 Republic of MOZAMBIQUE 1994 25-Jun
36 Republic of NIGER 1969 18-Dec
37 Republic of SENEGAL 1969 04-Apr
38 Republic of SIERRA LEONE 1972 27-Apr
39 Republic of SOMALIA 1969 01-Jul
40 Republic of SURINAME 1996 25-Nov
41 Republic of TAJIKISTAN 1992 09-Sep
42 Republic of The Gambia 1974 18-Feb
43 Republic of The SUDAN 1969 01-Jan
44 Republic of TOGO 1997 27-Apr
45 Republic of TUNISIA 1969 20-Mar
46 Republic of Türkiye 1969 29-Oct
47 Republic of UGANDA 1974 09-Oct
48 Republic of UZBEKISTAN 1996 01-Sep
49 Republic of YEMEN 1969 22-May
50 State of KUWAIT 1969 25-Feb
51 State of PALESTINE 1969 15-Nov
52 State of QATAR 1972 18-Dec
53 State of The UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) 1972 02-Dec
54 Sultanate of OMAN 1972 18-Nov
55 SYRIAN Arab Republic 1972 17-Apr
56 Turkmenistan 1992 27-Sep
57 Union of The COMOROS 1976 06-Jul

The organization conducts summits, ministerial meetings, and specialized conferences to address issues affecting the Muslim world. It also oversees subsidiary organs like the Islamic Development Bank, the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, and the Statistical, Economic, and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries.

OIC actively fosters dialogue and understanding among different civilizations and religions, aiming to promote peace and resolve conflicts through peaceful means. Its initiatives include addressing human rights, combating terrorism, supporting Palestinian rights, and resolving regional conflicts within member countries. Operating on the principle of consensus among member states, OIC is led by a Secretary-General, elected by member states, with its General Secretariat headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Secretary-General oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.

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