OIC Countries List – Muslim Country Names in Organization of Islamic Cooperation

OIC Countries List

The online OIC Countries List is now accessible, providing the names of all Muslim nations that are part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Established in 1969, OIC is an international organization comprising 57 member states, making it the second-largest intergovernmental organization globally, following the United Nations. Its formation aimed to give a collective … Read more

PHP Functions List – Check Names of Built In Functions

PHP Array functions list

Explore the PHP Array functions list with descriptions, featuring a range of built-in functions designed for handling PHP arrays. These functions are an integral part of the PHP core, requiring no additional installation for utilization. Several frequently employed array functions in PHP include count(), array_push(), array_pop(), array_slice(), array_merge(), array_reverse(), and others. These functions enable you … Read more

118 Chemical Elements List with Atomic Number – Periodic Table of Elements with Names and Symbols

118 Chemical Elements List

Explore the online list of 118 chemical elements along with their respective atomic numbers. You can review the periodic table, which provides details such as element names and symbols. The Chemical Elements List encompasses various categories, including hydrogen and alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, triels, tetrels, pnictogens, chalcogens, halogens, and noble gases. These chemical elements … Read more

List of Roman Numerals from 1 to 1000

List of Roman Numerals from

Roman numerals, originating in ancient Rome and widely employed throughout the Roman Empire, continue to have relevance in contemporary contexts. They find application in various scenarios, such as numbering chapters or sections in books, denoting years in movie credits, and serving decorative purposes. A combination of letters from the Latin alphabet represents numbers in the … Read more

USA State Capitals List 2024 in Alphabetical Order


Access the online resource providing the USA State Capitals List for 2024, featuring the names of the capital cities of the United States. The list encompasses places that have functioned as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals. Every state possesses a capital serving as the administrative center. Among the original thirteen … Read more

World Country Capitals List 2024


Access the 2023 Country Capitals List online, featuring the names of all countries worldwide and their respective capital cities in alphabetical order. This comprehensive list includes all 193 United Nations member countries, along with 8 additional nations and their corresponding capitals. You can check the complete list below in table. Country Capitals List Online Explore … Read more