The Lumineers Songs List By Year, With Album Names

Explore The Lumineers’ Song List featuring years and album names, and discover all the popular songs by the American folk rock band. Originating in Denver, Colorado, in 2005, The Lumineers consists of core members Wesley Schultz (vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, piano). Renowned for their distinctive folk-inspired sound, characterized by sincere lyrics, acoustic instrumentation, and a fusion of Americana and indie rock elements.

The Lumineers garnered significant attention and fame with their eponymous debut album, “The Lumineers,” launched in 2012. This album included the chart-topping single “Ho Hey,” which achieved commercial success, introducing the band to a broad audience. The song’s infectious melody and straightforward, anthemic chorus contributed to its widespread appeal. Other noteworthy tracks by The Lumineers encompass “Stubborn Love,” “Ophelia,” “Cleopatra,” and “Angela.” Their musical style often evokes a sense of nostalgia and connection to the past while maintaining a contemporary sensibility.

Frequently delving into themes of love, relationships, introspection, and storytelling, The Lumineers’ lyrics are accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano, and various folk instruments, infusing their sound with a rustic and authentic quality.

The Lumineers Songs List

Sr. No. Song Name Year Album Name
1 Ho Hey 2012 The Lumineers
2 Stubborn Love 2012 The Lumineers
3 Submarines 2013 The Lumineers
4 Ophelia 2016 Cleopatra
5 Cleopatra 2016 Cleopatra
6 Angela 2016 Cleopatra
7 Sleep on the Floor 2016 Cleopatra
8 Blue Christmas 2016 A Bad Moms Christmas
9 Walls (Circus) 2018 Non-album Singles
10 Pretty Paper 2018 Non-album Singles
11 Gloria 2019 III
12 It Wasn’t Easy to Be Happy for You 2019 III
13 Life in the City 2019 III
14 Salt and the Sea 2020 III
15 Brightside 2021 Brightside
16 Big Shot 2021 Brightside
17 A.M. Radio 2021 Brightside
18 Where We Are 2022 Brightside
19 Boots of Spanish Leather 2013 Cleopatra
20 Angela 2016 Non-album promotional singles
21 Subterranean Homesick Blues (featuring Andrew Bird) 2017 Non-album promotional singles
22 Scotland 2018 C-Sides
23 Nightshade 2019 For the Throne: Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones
24 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 2019 Non-album promotional single
25 Caves 2021 Amerikinda: 20 Years of Dualtone
26 Flowers in Your Hair 2012 The Lumineers
27 Classy Girls 2013 The Lumineers
28 Dead Sea 2013 The Lumineers
29 Slow It Down 2013 The Lumineers
30 Big Parade 2013 The Lumineers
31 Charlie Boy 2013 The Lumineers
32 This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) 2013 The Lumineers
33 Gun Song 2016 Cleopatra
34 In the Light 2016 Cleopatra
35 Long Way From Home 2016 Cleopatra
36 My Eyes 2016 Cleopatra
37 Sick in the Head 2016 Cleopatra
38 Patience 2016 Cleopatra
39 Donna 2019 III
40 Leader of the Landslide 2019 III
41 Left For Denver 2019 III
42 My Cell 2019 III
43 Jimmy Sparks 2019 III
44 Birthday 2022 Brightside
45 Never Really Mine 2022 Brightside
46 Rollercoaster 2022 Brightside
47 Reprise 2022 Brightside
48 Flapper Girl The Lumineers
49 Morning Song The Lumineers
50 Ain’t Nobody’s Problem The Lumineers
51 Elouise The Lumineers
52 Darlene The Lumineers
53 Gale Song Cleopatra
54 Where the Skies Are Blue Cleopatra
55 Everyone Requires a Plan Cleopatra
56 White Lie Cleopatra
57 Sailor Song (Moitessier) Cleopatra
58 For Fra Cleopatra
59 April III
60 Democracy III
61 Old Lady III
62 Soundtrack Song III
63 Remington Brightside

In general, The Lumineers have left a notable mark on the folk and indie music landscapes, and their music consistently connects with audiences who value their expressive storytelling and folk-influenced sound.

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