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List of Literary Devices, categorizing them by name and type. Check common literary devices applicable in poetry, prose, repetition, dialogue, wordplay, and parallelism. Literary devices refer to the techniques and structures employed by writers to communicate their message, create specific effects, and elevate the overall quality of their literary works. These devices contribute depth, complexity, and richness to the writing, enhancing its engagement and impact on readers. Literary devices can be identified across various forms of literature, including novels, poems, short stories, plays, and essays.

The compilation of literary devices also encompasses rhetorical devices, which are linguistic and literary techniques that writers and speakers utilize to convey meaning, evoke emotions, and persuade their audience. Rhetorical devices manipulate language, structure, and expression to augment the effectiveness of communication. They are frequently employed in literature, speeches, advertisements, and everyday conversations to craft memorable and influential messages.

Literary Devices List 2024

Sr. No. Name of Literary Device Type
1 Metaphor Common Literary Devices
2 Analogy Common Literary Devices
3 Simile Common Literary Devices
4 Imagery Common Literary Devices
5 Symbolism Common Literary Devices
6 Hyperbole Common Literary Devices
7 Irony Common Literary Devices
8 Congeries Common Literary Devices
9 Epistrophe Common Literary Devices
10 Erotesis Common Literary Devices
11 Juxtaposition Common Literary Devices
12 Paradox Common Literary Devices
13 Allusion Common Literary Devices
14 Allegory Common Literary Devices
15 Ekphrasis Common Literary Devices
16 Onomatopoeia Common Literary Devices
17 Pun Common Literary Devices
18 Anastrophe Common Literary Devices
19 Tautology Common Literary Devices
20 Anaphora Common Literary Devices in Poetry
21 Conceit Common Literary Devices in Poetry
22 Apostrophe Common Literary Devices in Poetry
23 Metonymy/Synecdoche Common Literary Devices in Poetry
24 Enjambment Common Literary Devices in Poetry
25 Zeugma Common Literary Devices in Poetry
26 Repetition Common Literary Devices in Poetry
27 Rhyme Common Literary Devices in Poetry
28 Alliteration Common Literary Devices in Poetry
29 Ambiguity Common Literary Devices in Poetry
30 Personification Common Literary Devices in Poetry
31 Denotation Common Literary Devices in Poetry
32 Cliche Common Literary Devices in Poetry
33 Connotation Common Literary Devices in Poetry
34 Contrast Common Literary Devices in Poetry
35 Consonance/Assonance Common Literary Devices in Poetry
36 Euphony/Cacophony Common Literary Devices in Poetry
37 Meter Common Literary Devices in Poetry
38 Parallel Plot Common Literary Devices in Prose
39 Foil Common Literary Devices in Prose
40 Diction Common Literary Devices in Prose
41 Mood Common Literary Devices in Prose
42 Foreshadowing Common Literary Devices in Prose
43 In Media Res Common Literary Devices in Prose
44 Dramatic Irony Common Literary Devices in Prose
45 Vignette Common Literary Devices in Prose
46 Flashback Common Literary Devices in Prose
47 Soliloquy Common Literary Devices in Prose
48 Anadiplosis Repetition Devices
49 Anaphora (prose) Repetition Devices
50 Antanaclasis Repetition Devices
51 Antimetabole Repetition Devices
52 Antistrophe Repetition Devices
53 Chiasmus Repetition Devices
54 Epanalepsis Repetition Devices
55 Epimone Repetition Devices
56 Epizeuxis Repetition Devices
57 Polyptoton Repetition Devices
58 Symploce Repetition Devices
59 Colloquialism Dialogue Literary Devices
60 Vernacular Dialogue Literary Devices
61 Dialect Dialogue Literary Devices
62 Slang Dialogue Literary Devices
63 Jargon Dialogue Literary Devices
64 Idiom Dialogue Literary Devices
65 Euphemism Dialogue Literary Devices
66 Proverb Dialogue Literary Devices
67 Neologism Dialogue Literary Devices
68 Anthimeria Word Play Devices
69 Double Entendre Word Play Devices
70 Kenning Word Play Devices
71 Malapropism Word Play Devices
72 Metalepsis Word Play Devices
73 Oxymoron Word Play Devices
74 Palindrome Word Play Devices
75 Paraprosdokian Word Play Devices
76 Portmanteau Word Play Devices
77 Spoonerism Word Play Devices
78 Grammatical parallelism Parallelism Devices
79 Rhetorical parallelism Parallelism Devices
80 Synthetic parallelism Parallelism Devices
81 Antithetical parallelism Parallelism Devices
82 Synonymous parallelism Parallelism Devices
83 Kairos Rhetorical Devices
84 Ethos Rhetorical Devices
85 Logos Rhetorical Devices
86 Pathos Rhetorical Devices
87 Anacoluthon Rhetorical Devices
88 Antithesis Rhetorical Devices
89 Asyndeton Rhetorical Devices
90 Hypallage Rhetorical Devices
91 Hyperbaton Rhetorical Devices
92 Hypotaxis Rhetorical Devices
93 Parataxis Rhetorical Devices
94 Polysyndeton Rhetorical Devices
95 Synesis Rhetorical Devices
96 Accismus Rhetorical Devices
97 Anecdote Rhetorical Devices
98 Antanagoge Rhetorical Devices
99 Aporia Rhetorical Devices
100 Bdelygmia Rhetorical Devices
101 Enthymeme Rhetorical Devices
102 Hypophora Rhetorical Devices
103 Procatalepsis Rhetorical Devices
104 Reductio ad Absurdum Rhetorical Devices
105 Syllogism Rhetorical Devices
106 Adynaton Rhetorical Devices
107 Amplification Rhetorical Devices
108 Antiphrasis Rhetorical Devices
109 Asterismos Rhetorical Devices
110 Litotes Rhetorical Devices
111 Meiosis Rhetorical Devices
112 Metanoia Rhetorical Devices
113 Paralipsis Rhetorical Devices
114 Overstatement Rhetorical Devices
115 Tmesis Rhetorical Devices
116 Adnomination Rhetorical Devices
117 Aposiopesis Rhetorical Devices
118 Circumlocution Rhetorical Devices
119 Dysphemism Rhetorical Devices
120 Ellipsis Rhetorical Devices
121 Isocolon Rhetorical Devices
122 Pleonasm Rhetorical Devices
123 Exposition Narrative Devices
124 Frame Story Narrative Devices
125 Point of View Narrative Devices
126 Tone Narrative Devices
127 Tragicomedy Narrative Devices
128 Anthropomorphism Narrative Devices
129 Aphorism Narrative Devices
130 Archetype Narrative Devices
131 Non Sequitur Narrative Devices
132 Satire Narrative Devices
133 Zoomorphism Narrative Devices

What are Literary Devices

Literary devices serve as instruments that writers employ to enrich their writing and effectively convey ideas. They transcend the fundamental aspects of language and structure, introducing layers of meaning, depth, and artistic expression to a text. These devices play a vital role in the creation of captivating and influential literary works, spanning various forms such as novels, poems, plays, and other genres of literature.

Key categories of literary devices encompass Figurative Language, Sound Devices, Structural Devices, Narrative Devices, Rhetorical Devices, and Descriptive Devices. These categories provide writers with a diverse range of creative tools to captivate readers, evoke emotions, and articulate intricate ideas. Proficiency in utilizing literary devices empowers authors to compose texts that resonate profoundly and leave a lasting impact on their audience.

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