Japanese Lucky Birthday List 2024 – Check Lucky / Unlucky Birthday Rankings

Japanese Lucky Birthday List

The 2024 Japanese Lucky Birthday List, revealing birth dates and their respective rankings, has been released to the public. You can now check whether your birthday is considered fortunate for this year. The notion of “lucky birthdays” can differ based on cultural beliefs and individual interpretations. Generally, a fortunate birthday is perceived as a day … Read more

Valentine Week Days List 2024 (7 Feb to 14 Feb Days) February Days List


Valentine’s Week Schedule 2024: The highly anticipated Valentine’s Week, a delightful celebration of love, is upon us! This enchanting week spans from February 7th to February 14th, with Valentine’s Day taking center stage on February 14th each year. This period is particularly significant for couples, as it marks the month of love, culminating in the … Read more

श्री शिवसहस्रनामावली – Shiv Sahastra Namavali PDF Download

Shiv Sahastra Namavali

ॐ रुद्राय नमः । ॐ चन्द्राय नमः । ॐ ध्रुवाय नमः । ऊँ असत् रूपाय नमः । ऊँ सूक्ष्मात्मने नमः । ऊँ सुखासक्ताय नमः । ऊँ विश्वदेवाय नमः । ॐ अनित्यै नमः । ॐ सर्वपूजिताय नमः । ॐ सर्ववासाय नमः । ऊँ श्री जगते नमः ॥ ॐ त्रिकालधृते नमः । ऊँ छन्दोव्याकरणोत्तर-सिद्धार्थाय नमः । ऊँ … Read more